5 Party dresses that need to become a part of your wardrobe

admin  |  June 22 3

Summers are here and so is the season of parties. Your niece`s birthday, Weddings, Corporate Events nowadays every event seems like it has a dress code. The confusion that comes along with invitations is not for everyone. I mean what the heck does white tie? And smart casual has to do with the dress etiquette. 

We are going to decrypt the dress codes and simplify the terminologies you encounter with the invitations for holiday parties. No need to spend hours online looking at sexy dresses only to end up not purchasing them since you have no clue where you will have the opportunity to wear them.  

Even when you get an opportunity, not having an attire that is party appropriate makes you drop the very idea of attending the event itself. The dresses we bring to you will definitely turn heads and are suitable for each individual event. But before we jot down the dresses let`s familiarize ourselves with the terminologies.

  1. Casual Dress:  When you come across the term dressy casual/ Casual Dress, your mind should always go to a combination of different items (blouses and skirts, shirts and flair pants, jeans and button-downs, casual dresses, and obviously some clean shoes to pair it with) the possibilities are endless. The popular style is often referred to as smart casual as well.

  1. Cocktail Dress: These types of dresses are commonly referred to as cocktail gowns and the type of attire that features below the knee and shorter lengths. The outfits are appropriate when an individual has been invited to a cocktail party. It could also work for prom, formal, and semi-formal events.

  1. Beachy Formal: The word beach plays a very significant role in defining the attires and silhouettes or else people might show up wearing suits and long gowns. The idea is to wear something nice and elegant yet inbound with the limits of the sand. 

  1. Black Tie: It is fairly simple to follow and for women, it usually means wearing night-out long gowns or formal dresses.

  1. Black Tie Optional: The `optional` aspect refers to formal dresses that are not ultra fancy and can be paired with jewelry and accessories. Short and long dresses work just fine when it comes to these particular silhouettes.

  1. White Tie: This is as formal as it gets. You need to show up in the classiest and fanciest outfit you have. It means wearing floor-length gowns. 

Now that you are familiar with the terminology, each type of event does not necessarily mean it requires a different outfit. You need to make smart choices when it comes to shopping for dresses. Have your picks at an outfit that is world-class, pocket friendly, and delivers just the vibe the event requires.  

Cocktail And Garden Gatherings

This dress entails the very definition of summer while in line with etiquettes a dress should feature when it comes to cocktail parties. The dress features off the shoulder with bouffant sleeves perfect for summery days. A classic print that is perfect to connect with your outdoorsy nature. A seamless back zipper and made with lightweight non stretchy breathable fabric to make the most out of summers. The mini dress can be used at two different types of events, for cocktail parties as it is, and if you pair it up with a layer of shirt or jacket while topping it off with a harvest hat to complete the look.

Black Tie Optional

If you are looking to turn heads at a black-tie optional event, this one-piece midi dress is as best as it gets. With Formal events, Bolder colors are perfect and the chocolate color conveys the most wanted theme. The mid dress hits right below the knees making it perfectly appropriate for any formal event and giving you a chance to show off your legs and an elegant pair of shoes. The dress is made of non stretchy satin which makes it a premium outfit, featuring a twist cowl neckline aiding you to display minimalist jewelry items. As you move down the dress you can see a midriff cutout and a slit on the side, giving it a sexy look. 

An All Formal

Delivering class, elegance, and looking sexy while doing so is not everyone`s cup of tea. The Dear Emila dress is the epitome of elegance, featuring a deep V-neck line, and shoulder straps that bind down on the upper back. A trendy nape split at the back and prepare yourself with a flared split cut at the end to showcase your shoes. The gown is perfect for black tie optional and black white tie events. If you like to be the center of attention at any event this dress will surely grant you that attention. I recommend opting for classic heels. 

  1. The Lady Like Teal Dress/ Beach casual and Beach Parties

You are looking for something floral yet elegant when it comes to beach parties. A floral print will take care of the summery vibe and go well in contrast with the beach. It can also be used for outdoor garden parties, fancy beach parties, or just a casual hang with friends in the summers. What`s the perfect dress you ask which checks all the boxes? The lady-like teal dress at hello molly will cover all the aspects. Go to fanciest wine tastings at vineyards or explore the beach with twisted necklines, a perfect floral print made of lightweight non-stretchy fabric. Pair it up with light-colored suede or beige heels to complete the look.

All In One

The jumpsuits are a fit if styled right. It can be used for nights out, formal gatherings, cocktails, Weekend brunch, and date nights. The possibilities are endless with a good jumpsuit. The key here is to opt for timeless colors such as black, navy blue, or charcoal gray. And believe it or not, it can also be worn at weddings, jumpsuits at weddings are actually trending nowadays. 

No need to worry as we have inspiration for things you should be looking for all in one jumpsuit. Things work out jumpsuit. The dress features elegant full-length off-shoulder sleeves and grip lining on the bust with an invisible metal clasp and back zip. It also comes with a complimentary matching belt that can be tied around. Style it with silver accessories and light-colored heels to make it whole