6 Types of Underwear Women Need

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We wear underwear almost every day yet never talk about how to bring ease and comfort in our lives because of it. Using the wrong fabric and kind can eventually ruin the mood for the days to come. Some of the most encountered issues include poor fitting with lightweight, less comfortable, and tight fitting.  Leaving us to be embarrassed every time it is exposed.

But Deciding upon the right underwear types and building your wardrobe around them can surely result in better outcomes. Just as we change our shoes with the outfits to make them more fashionable and bring comfort some go for the underwear. Even though underwear is not something that can make or break an outfit, but definitely the very foundation on which the outfit is based, that is why your underwear will change with respect to the outfit. 

Personal style preference is just as important while choosing underwear, though it changes from person to person, the most common style as per the recent women`s poll being briefs among women. 38 percent of women prefer briefs according to the latest survey conducted at Statista.

But as mentioned earlier the preference is relative but choosing the right style will impact your confidence and boost your mood throughout the day.  But before we get into the types let`s figure out what exactly you should look for while selecting undergarments for yourself.

What to look for while opting out of underwear

When it comes to women`s underwear, breathability is a major concern. Lack of air can cause sweat leading to itching in the vaginal area. This itch ultimately results in nothing but irritation and causes yeast infections. While shopping for underwear it is necessary for women to opt for quality stores, stores that believe in using natural fabrics for the composition of their products. 

You need different types of fabrics, for different regimes. Such as workout underwear needs to be sweat absorbent reducing germs and causes of various unhygienic diseases, whereas date night underwear needs to be enticing enough that you are not afraid to show it or flaunt it off.

According to a poll conducted by shop smart magazine, nearly one out of every four women seem to have their moods affected by the un comforting and ill used fabrics of underwear. 

With more than 46 percent believing that they see a spike in their mood and overall energy levels, feeling more sexier and confident than usual just by using a comfortable and nice pair of skivvies.

As per the US national poll surveys here are the 6 types of underwear women think that they should have.


Briefs are classic and the most comfortable choice of underwear when it comes to women, They provide relief and support with a firm waistband which does not move a quality coming very hand with low rise jeans. The particular kind is often referred to as `granny panties` due to the full coverage it provides. These are not the sexiest of the essentials, but a necessity every woman can turn to in times of need. Most popular among the women of today.

Make sure to opt for cotton mixed with polyesters just like the one available at under club. The soft blend of natural fabric and optimum level of the waistband provides maximum comfort to oneself.  

The granny panties or briefs however you would like to refer to them, work great during the period cycle and due to simpler designs can be a great addition of something to support the underdress of your outfit, saving the fancy ones.


Boyshorts resemble male boxers, however without the dip of the crotch balls. It is none or less the same.  Providing the consumers ultimate coverage and protecting regions more than just hip and butts. They kind of give the vibe of stretchable tight shorts. Due to their increased coverage and thigh support, it does not slide up unintentionally, almost being wedgie proof. However, there is a downside to all the coverage as they do not end at the waist. But provides comfort and can be worn for workouts and various other sports activities.

They are perfect for items for trousers, underskirts can be used as loungewear or nightwear, and can be partnered with tank tops or camisoles.


Thongs are the definition of no panty lines with ultimate desirability. Not preferred by many females as per the polls as 5 percent of women resort to it. But a fair share of it is because of the uncommon myth that thongs can cause irritation and issues in sex life. 

The reality is far more different from the studies conducted by the national library of medicine where tight fitted panties had almost zero correlation with the harm caused due to thongs.

The most befitting benefit of thongs is no long lasting panty lines, Keeping the natural skin optimum, and hello to fitted attires. With its sensual nature, it will certainly bring up the mood of the wearer. I love the collection they have at the under club with a wide array of fabric and patterns. It is inevitable for you not to stumble upon something you like.


The best thing about bikinis is that they can be worn all the time, regardless of what season and dress it is. It will keep you calm during the summers due to its comfortable nature and provide an additional layer of support for winters. It is the most sought after item after briefs. 

The style offers medium to full coverage to its consumers depending upon what you opt for. 

Providing options with minimal to full coverage in a wide variety of fabrics. Which means independence of choice. At under club, you can also find trendy designs for your everyday use panties as it works well with almost every outfit.

Hip Huggers or Hipsters

They provide a different fit than the rest of the panties, as the name suggests, unlike the conventional underwear resting on the waistline which rests upon the hips of the wearer. Mostly favored by women with curvy butts. The charm of hipster panties when paired with complementary bras from under club will uplift the mood it users for a magical night ahead. Unlike many items of its line, the hip huggers are available in many types of fabrics. Under club, one of the underwear stores gives access to a versatile range of options for its consumers. Since there is a seamless option available as well with hip huggers it can be worn with a wide spectrum of outfits.`

Period Underwears

If you are not a huge fan of granny panties, We have another alternative as it is specifically designed to aid women in surviving through the period cramps with a little ease. It will grant better menstrual hygiene than bad tampons.  Even though this underwear can be worn all day long, most companies suggest changing once you can feel the wetness, which often means that it has absorbed up to its potential.  

The particular type of panties has seen a rise in the past couple of years and as it gets popular many women are adopting it.  Due to their economical nature and additional comfort it brings to the table. Choose the right variety and coverage to wear whatever you like over it.

What should I do to Increase hygiene?

To increase the hygienic condition and for the betterment of your vaginal area be sure to change your underwear frequently.  It is important to use hypoallergenic soaps to wash the undergarments not only to increase their life but make them friendly for the crotch. Normal soaps might not just do the job for you.  

Which Type Of Underwear Do You Recommend For Daily Use?

The everyday panties for everyone are dependent on the lifestyle you live. However, the most comfortable items on the list are Briefs and boyshorts. They are optimum for staying at home comfortably chilling in the lounge or sub for daily office wear. Decide which print suits you the most from Underclub.com