Give Yourself An Extravagance Sleep

admin  |  July 21 8

After a tiring day and hectic schedule, sleep is the only thing we crave for. Everybody needs proper rest and sleep to function at its best, and it can start the next day with new energy. Healthy food and a soothing sleep are two major things that a body needs to revive its strength and to maximize its overall performance all day long. Many things are essential for the optimized working of the human body, like yoga, workout, massage, meditation but sleep is the only most straightforward way to recharge your body. While working out or having a good exercise routine, you are using your body resources, which need to be fulfilled. When you overuse your body`s fuel, especially when you do not take a good sleep, you can take your body towards exhaustion, leading to muscle fatigue, poor focus, lower energy, and minimal brain working. 


If you are working a ton but not taking enough sleep, you are probably harming your body. But, Bear Mattress, are here to take care of your sleep. To provide you with a mattress that aids physical recovery. They aim to improve the quality of your sleep. They have designed and developed advanced technological products. Bear Mattress is serving people for more than 25 years, helping everyone perform their best in life by providing the best quality products and outstanding customer services.




According to Celliant Pilot Sleep Study, sleep recovery technology improves your sleep efficiency by almost 2.6% and makes you sleeps faster, improves the quality of your sleep with almost 18.2 minutes of extra sleep every night, oxygenates your tissues with an average of 8.4%, which helps you to wake up more rejuvenated and provides you more energy. The cooling gel technology with graphite and copper foams radiates unwanted body heat while sleeping. Bear Mattress makes sure all of their mattresses are entirely made up of non toxic materials so that you don`t get in contact with any health hazardous materials. Celliant powered fabrics help your body regulate the temperature that keeps you more comfortable at night. 






They have a variety of mattresses that can go with your different requirements. Bear Hybrid Mattress is a leisure coil and foam mattress that gives you the stablest support and comfort. Bear Pro is their most advanced cooling pressure relieving copper all foam mattress. And the Bear Original, the primary mattress, with which this beautiful journey of Bear Mattress was incited. A low quality mattress and irregular support can misalign your spine. All of these mattresses are specially designed to help support your body`s unique curves. 




Their beds are specifically designed that can lie on any surface, hard or flat. But they highly recommend you put foam bed on any evenly distributed surface. They would not recommend any traditional coil box spring, as it is not even. Bear Foundation with a bed frame would be the best for you, or you can also go with an adjustable base, platform base, or on the floor. They provide you the highest quality of Platform Bed, Adjustable Bed, Bear Frame, and Bear Foundation to help you sleep more comfortably.




Not only bed frames or mattresses, but you can also find high quality accessories for your bed. Bear Pillow has mesh panels for maximum airflow throughout the night with double ice fabrics, makes you comfortable in any sleep position. Contour Pillow that supports the natural curves of your back and head and gives you a cool to the touch experience. Not only this, but it alleviates snoring, reduces the stress on the shoulder and neck, and is highly hypoallergenic. Cloud Pillow is very light weighted, cloud like loft, hypoallergenic, and most significantly cruelty free. 


You can also upgrade your mattress with their two inch Pro Toppers with celliant technology and temperature regulation. Bear Sheets that are wrinkle free, strong, and durable delicately woven with microfibers threads that create a silky smooth feel. Weighted Blankets boost serotonin and melatonin levels so that you can sleep better. The Bear Protector provides a water barrier for stain and any liquid damages. Bear Encasement is bed bug proof that protects your mattress from all six sides. 


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