July 4th - A Great Day

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We all know independence is the national holiday celebrated every year on the 4th of July, marked by the patriotic display. Just like the other summer-themed event, Independence Day is always celebrated with full enthusiasm and zeal.   

From 1776 to date, the 4th of July has always been celebrated in full swing. Families often celebrate this day with festivities ranging from fireworks, concerts, parades, and more casual family gatherings and barbecues parties.

Want to go through some facts about 4th July?


While Independence Day is celebrated by all means across the US, many of them celebrate it involving heavy doses of red, white, and blue. At Jefferson’s mountain top home in Virginia - Monticello, they have a unique tradition of their own. Every year on July 4th, they observe a neutralization ceremony all across the US, welcoming people worldwide to become part of the US.


Usually, people start their celebrations the night before 4th July, observed by loud gatherings with bonfires as their centrepiece in their backyards. Some of New England`s towns celebrate competitions for building towering pyramids stacked with barrels and kegs and lighted them at night to escort them in the darkness. The highest pyramids were in Massachusetts and Salem, with pyramids made with as many as forty tiers of barrels. The custom prospered in the mid 19th and 20th centuries and is still commemorated in some towns.


Fireworks shows are observed in many states in the US, while safety care has caused some states to outlaw fireworks or limit the sizes and types permitted. In 2009, New York followed the most extravagant fireworks display in the nation, sponsored by Macy`s, and with approximately 21 tons of pyrotechnics detonated. Other prominent firework displays are in San Diego at Mission Bay, Seattle at Lake Union, on Charles River in Boston, in Washington DC on National Mall, over the San Francisco Bay in San Francisco, in Philadelphia over Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Why Fireworks??

In the Fourth of July celebrations, fireworks imply national pride and civism. Fireworks had been part of the Chinese culture since at least the 12th century. In the 15th century, they became prevailing with European sovereigns to commemorate national jubilees, restore peace, and the sovereigns` birthdays. Fireworks have been a part of Independence Day in the US since its first celebration in 1777.



Fireworks - On the day of 4th July, usually the firework shows occurs in red, blue, and white. The main spots where you could enjoy the overwhelming fireworks are Hilton Independence day firework at Mandeville, Brookside county club firework, Stockton Ports MLB Independence Day Celebrations, and 4th of July Celebrations at Weber Point. 

Family Get-Together – The day is the chance for the family members to reunite and relax and have some quality time together, which usually don`t get in our busy schedules. You can make a themed party even in your backyard with some of your close friends.

BeachLake Trips – Independence hits in summers. And we all know summers are the time when everyone wants to enjoy beachy time with their loved ones to enjoy the sunny days rather than being at home. So many people prefer to be outdoors and hit the beach or nearby lake to cool themselves off. 

Sparklers: Lighting sparklers is a traditional and entertaining way to celebrate a great day.

Parades – many tones in the US observe Fourth of July parades, which often feature marching bands, community organizers, and fire trucks. If you have your time in Stockton, you can attend the parade, held at around 10 in the morning downtown, organized by the United Veterans Council of San Joaquin County. 


Usually, people love to wear red, blue, and white on this day. There are some outfits which have gained enormous popularity for fourth July. 

The Captain America Tee has become a new classic among the people due to its popularity in Marvel`s movies.

The next big thing is American Flag Pants. May be would sound tacky to some people. But who cares when you love your country and want to show it all.

Then we have Chuck Taylor All-Stars. They may be are as comfortable as your flip-flops. People love to paint them red, blue, and white from head to toe. 

Clothes are great, and a true American doesn`t step back. Painting The Face in red, blue, and white is also a testament to your dedication.  

Bald Eagle Costume. Bald Eagle Costume is the national animal of America, so wearing a costume representing the legendary winged warrior embodies all history, culture, and spirit of the nation. 


BBQCookout – people prefer to spend time with their beloved while cooking out or arranging some BBQ nights. 

HamburgersHotdogs – Americans` most iconic foods are hamburgers and hotdogs that are very common on Independence Day. Even a hotdog eating competition is held every year at Nathan`s Hot Dog Eating Contest. 

Well, an event without a desert? Is it even possible? Of course not. Love of people for America can also be seen on Independence Day Cakes, all decorated with red, white, and blue colours.


National Flag on Independence Day is a must-have. You can decorate your backyards and boundaries and home with beautiful American Flags with StreamerBalloons. Some vibrant and funky colours, streamer, and balloons make your party look more fabulous. You can add more themes to your party by using July 4th themed Dining Ware. The party seems solely devoted to Independence Day by these cups and dishes.

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