Live A Day Out In London

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The View from the Shard is a platform on the skyscraper`s highest habitable floors. It has the highest vantage point in Western Europe. 

It is the highest viewing point in Western Europe, at over 800 feet. The View from the Shard, spread across two floors, offers a 360-degree panoramic view of London. Remember that how much of the city you see will depend on the weather.

How Does It Work?

The View from The Shard starts on the ground floor, where you are quickly ushered through a security check (similar to an airport) and offered a professional photo with a green screen (which you will see on your return visit).

The ground floor is a London gallery displaying humorous British-themed illustrations and video compilations of well-known and lesser-known London neighborhoods. If you want to see a picture of Emmeline Pankhurst giving the Spice Girls directions, this is the place to go.

All of this is meant to be a distraction while you wait for the main event, which thankfully doesn`t take too long to arrive. Following your photo, you will be led down a small walkway toward the lifts, where a few staff members will be waiting to assist you in locating your charge. Lifts arrive every 30 seconds, and there is rarely a long line. When your ride comes, another member of staff (a `guest ambassador, ` as they like to be called) will be waiting for you.

Once the lift journey begins, your guest ambassador will provide you with some amusing information about how fast you travel and how high you are about to reach. The staff is friendly, informative, and helpful, which is a pleasant surprise but also expected for a premium attraction that costs an adult £24.95 to visit. After 30 seconds, your first lift journey will end, and you will exit into a halfway zone where you will transfer to another lift. This area is, well, you`ll have to decide for yourself when you see it, but it`s simply a small corridor leading to another lift. The second lift ride will be similar to the first. By the way, the charges are fantastic. Larger screens cover the roofs of the lifts and display season videos (depending on the weather outside).

You`ll exit the second lift on the 68th floor, but the view won`t be visible immediately. To create suspense, The glass directly in front of the lift is opaque, which is a brilliant idea because it makes you wonder what`s beyond. Only a small staircase separates you from the transparent glass; as you climb it, your full attention will be drawn to the magnificent view that awaits you.

Reaching the first viewing platform is an enthralling experience; all that lies before you is an excellent panorama of London, with some of the world`s most famous landmarks visible immediately. The main viewing area is on this level, which reaches dizzying heights of 244m.

You`ll also notice a drink bar serving Lanson Champagne and various beers. If you want to enjoy a glass of champagne while admiring the view, you can pre-order your drinks so they are ready for you when you arrive.

The 360-degree view can extend up to 40 miles on a clear day. Unfortunately, London does not have many "clear days." On a typical day, you should be able to see 20 miles, which is enough to see every major London landmark. Many perspectives may be limited on a bad day, and no compensation will be offered. Guests will be offered a return visit on another day of their choosing on days of `zero visibility. `

You will most likely spend 45 minutes wandering around the gallery, taking in the sights. 

Skydeck In the Open

The View from the Shard`s Open-Air Skydeck is located at the top of one of London`s most popular attractions - feel the wind in your hair and experience London from new heights.

The Highest Champagne Bar In London

The view from the Shard`s Champagne bar is London`s highest. Relax and enjoy the city`s best views while sipping a glass of moat and Chandon at one of London`s most famous locations.

Gift Store

Our gift shop sells Shard and London-themed items, so you can take something home to remember visiting one of London`s most popular tourist attractions.

Ambassadors Of Guests

Our guest ambassadors are available to assist visitors in making the most of their experience and visit to London. They are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their city, its people, and its history, and they enjoy pointing out famous landmarks and recommending the best places to visit in London.

What Can You Enjoy The Most? 

The entire curve of the Thames will be visible, from Battersea to the tide barrier and beyond. The Olympic Park and Wembley Stadium can be seen in the distance. The Houses of Parliament, St Paul`s Cathedral, and Buckingham Palace are also easily visible. A rich tapestry of London`s past, present, and future is on display.

You may notice some strange-looking devices pointing outwards while walking around the gallery; these are known as `Tel: scopes, ` and they allow you to get a closer look at your favourite landmarks. The touch screen devices will enable you to zoom in wherever you want and come pre-loaded with information on 300 landmarks.

Aside from these devices, the viewing area is rather uninteresting. While it has been built with high-quality materials, there is nothing else to see but the view. While the idea is spectacular, it could easily have been supplemented with general information about The Shard or London.