Muscle Men Style in Blue

  |  June 23 23

Either catch your Monday blue, or get a wardrobe full of blue outfits.

All the men`s out there sweating out at the gyms or following diets to get the best body shape they deserve before the season ends. That has a slim waist and broader chest or a perfect lean body. However, the struggle to get the best-fit dress remains the same—Back-and-forth trips to markets and tailors to find the most suitable fabric and cuts that enhance your looks.

So, no matter what your body shape goal is, so far, it`s in shape State and liberty has got you covered with its enticing collection. State and liberty are an expert in designing the best fits for V-shape bodies and has done prolonged research to tailor the best fit for a perfect V- type body shape.

A V-type body shape has a broader chest and a smaller waist. Hence, ordinary fit designs suit one by no means. To cater to all those who ran back and forth to tailors and designers to get their perfectly fitted clothes, State and Liberty have come up with the best of the best clothing range.

The most durable and robust fabric, Performance fabric, is low maintenance, drape-free, moisture-wicking, and extremely lightweight. State and Liberty designers put in great effort to craft the latest fashion trends.

Instead of putting forward a list of best picks from State and liberty, this article brings you some classy outfit ideas that will keep you updated all winter. The best part is you can get under one roof from State and Liberty.

Formal Wear: Separate Shirt and Pants

For that chic and classy look that gives confidence in your everyday look. Pair up a formal shirt and pent from the latest collection of State and liberty.

Here is a go-to option for the season:

"The Hutton" Navy Pinstripe

This White base shirt with navy blue pinstripes is made from Athletic Performance Fabric. It has a semi-spread collar and is as light and comfortable as possible. Comes in sizes ranging from extra small (XS) to three-size extra-large (3XL).

Athletic Fit Stretch Suit Pants - Navy

These dress pants are ideal for males with athletic legs as they are designed to provide fit, comfort, and a professional appearance at the forefront. The fit gives a very tapered impression with the space in the seat, thighs, and quads.


Field Jacket - Navy

Slim field jacket that is perfect for a stylish yet good-looking appearance. On the inside of the coat, there are removable straps that let you customize the tapering for a consistently excellent athletic fit.

Down Puffer Vest - Navy

This piece is made of a woven nylon shell and filled with a specialist technical down—the perfect choice to keep you extremely warm in freezing weather.


The best part of their suits is that they are very stretchy. Stretch allows one to have enough space and yet gives a very professional look.

Athletic Fit Stretch Suit - Heathered Navy 

This stretch suit in heathered blue is made from a performance fabric combination that is exceptionally elastic yet looks wonderfully polished. The blazers are made of performance fabric, which makes them breathable, lightweight, and moisture-wicking.   

Casual Wear

Solid Navy Hoodie  

A hoodie with an athletic fit that is exceptionally warm and silky is sounds like a dream outfit in winter. These hoodies` great stretch not only offers optimum comfort but also aids in the sweatshirt`s form retention. This will turn heads and get you compliments.

Quarter Zip - Solid Navy

Just a quarter zip that gives a perfect athletic look made of performance fabric that is ridiculously soft and has elastic Peruvian cotton. It combines well with the dress clothing and looks excellent with their tech chinos.

"The Stewart" Navy Casual button down

This casual blue button-down is as smooth and elastic as they come, with a genuine athletic fit, and is made of a cotton-spandex combination. With its reduced length and curved hemline, "The Stewart" is perfect for all seasons and occasions.

"The Ridgefield" Navy Long Sleeve Crewneck

The Ridgefield is a long sleeve crewneck with a natural athletic fit and a buttery-soft, highly stretchable cotton-spandex fabric. This blue crewneck helps in keeping one warm.

"The Hartford" navy short sleeve crewneck 

As winter goes away and spring is coming, there are high chances you would want to wear something short sleeves, and this shirt is perfect for your choice. "The Hartford" is a short sleeve crewneck with a natural athletic fit made of a buttery-soft, highly stretchable cotton-spandex fabric.

Athletic Fit Shorts - Royal Blue

This is built on the forefront, a fit designed to be worn comfortably. This fit will give a casual tapered appearance. Perfect for outdoor events, wandering around the street, or casual meetups.

Get your hands on these and turn the blues into the most wanted blues you ever wished.

Happy shopping.