Style Guide and Benefits Of loungewear

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You would particularly find me talking about styling and dress tips for men and women. However, they all revolve around the idea of portraying the best version of yourself. But what is one supposed to do when it comes to the comfort of your home? You want something comforting, yet chic. A combination and the best of both worlds. The type of wear you can go out and grab groceries and take your dog on walks yet it can be used for homes as well. 

The answer to all the above-mentioned queries and questions that take place in your head is Loungewear. 

What Is Loungewear?

The term is usually referred to for the type of clothing which is comfortable and can be used to relax. The terminology refers to cozy pants, lightweight and breathable pajamas, lounging shirts, etc. Usually made of soft, comfortable fabric i.e., Cotton and Fleece to provide you ease and give your body some breathing room. 

In the earlier days of the introduction of popular attire, it used to be only appropriate for home use. However, with the pandemic it became a go-to accessory for many looking to create a cozy work from the environment and now has become part of the casual streetwear. Its inclusion in streetwear has led to the possibility of many designers taking a keen interest to experiment with the popular clothing type leading to discoveries of new styles that can be worn indoors and outdoors. This means there is style according to your preference and liking.

What Are the Benefits of Loungewear?

The fact that loungewear is comfy and cozy is very well established. It can serve a lot more benefits than just being a comfortable attire to be worn and if you cannot think of any? Here are some for you to consider.

  • Complete Relaxation: There is nothing like not giving off comfort. From the way, it is designed to the material used in the making. Each Loungewear is perfectly curated to grant you the ultimate level of comfort. The breathable fabric ensures there is no issue with being too warm or too cold, providing you with the much-required middle ground. No other type of attire even comes close to the comfort brought on by putting up high-waisted bottoms Which provides you extra breathing space. Especially on the warmest days.


  • Great For Yoga: It gets sweaty and tight underneath those sports bras and leggings. The struggle is too real for many. There is nothing like having the room to move around in breathable attire when you work out. The attire works in sync with your usual routine and there is no law against working out in loungewear that embraces your curves, and stretches while providing ease of movement.



  • Stylish: As mentioned earlier its integration into streetwear has given birth to many new designs. Each that speaks to you on an individual level. With the introduction of the newest loungewear, style meets comfort. If you are looking to look good without much effort and still prefer your clothing to be relieving. The newest cardigans or henleys are the literal definition of style, complete the look with some accessories but the separates themselves are enough to make a style statement.


  • Work From Home Companion: Once you have moved from working from the office to set up a workplace at home. You will require something that compliments the lifestyle you have chosen for. Especially with a bed right around the corner, it gets particularly hard to dress up in a strict office outfit. A lining striped shirt is all you need to make it to through the work video-call meetings.


  • Best Sleepwear: wearing just boxers is too less, leaving you cold, while putting up your usual jogger pants can be too much, making you feel too warm. Regardless of the fabric, you are opting for loungewear i.e cotton, velvet, or fleece. Each design leaves room for you to move around and will make you fall in love with it as you try it on for the first time. It makes for the cutest and comfiest sleepwear. It is uncommon for people to change as they drift on to sleep wearing the same clothes, they had on all day long.


Styling Tips With Loungewear


  1. Matching Loungewear and Flip Flops/ Slides


A tagless label and comfortable design that is made for your body and not a walking robot. The particular attire includes a sleep pocket-tee and silky soft shorts made of micro modal fabric and material that retains its shape after stretching. Imagine walking your pets outside while these on, the in comfortable slides, with coffee in your hands to give off your day the perfect start.


2.      Sweater/ Sweatshirts + Lounge Pants and sneakers or running shoes


The ultimate comfort and stylish look brought on by the relaxing attire available at Tommy John is a staple statement that can be worn around the house but pairing it up with running shoes and a dry-fit hat makes it a perfect outfit for outerwear.


The combination of both sporty and smart casual is all you need whether you are heading to the gyms or just going out for the run to keep yourself in shape. If you are not a fan of sweatshirts, hoodies make the style statement and might even amp up your look.


3.      Ribbed Short and a Solid Crew neck


Working from home or heading out to chill out with friends at a usual swing The ribbed short and solid crew neck will become your perfect companion for a stylish look. Pair it up with sneakers and you have yourself a summer outfit appropriate for most barbecues and gatherings. 

There is more to loungewear, do not be afraid to let your instincts take control and experiment a little with popular styles of clothing. While we have only focused on the men`s section of the clothing, there is much left to be talked about in women`s sections. A whole range of options and style statements.