Visit the home of football with Wembley Stadium Tours

admin  |  August 22 25

Anyone who is a sports enthusiast and enjoys getting educated about the places that have witnessed historical sports moments must know about Wembley stadium and the memories and historical importance it holds in context with football.


Wembley stadium is the oldest football stadium and is a lovely place for Englishmen because of their love for football.


The British Empire originally built the stadium in 1923 to host various royal events and used it to host the 1948 Olympic Games. Moreover, the stadium`s structure remained the same until 2000 and then in 2007, it was renovated to host large events, mainly football matches, and therefore it got its name, i.e., home of football.


The new stadium is almost round, with a circumference of 3280ft and its most prominent and stunning feature is the arch which is approximately 436ft long. Moreover, Wembley stadium has a capacity for seating 90000 individuals and is used to host different sports events, concerts, and festivals apart from football.


Another interesting fact about the stadium is that it has been hosting the football association cup`s final match since its completion and is also planning to continue the tradition.


Now the question arises of how one can be able to witness and take in the essence and charisma of the stadium.


For this purpose, the Wembley stadium tour is the right place to go. The website is made to book the stadium`s tours and have a good time for football enthusiasts.


The activities and areas you can witness on tour are:


Wembley stadium Museum


The Wembley stadium museum holds memories in the form of iconic pictures from the historic and great events during the football matches in Wembley studio. The things you can see over there include the shirts of some of the most prominent football players, including that Messi and Ronaldo.


Moreover, the museum also has a replica of the World cup won by Britain in 1966 and outfits of American football players.


At the stadium entrance, there are sculptures of Sir Bobby Moore and other personalities, which make the experience even more exciting.


Changing rooms


There are two changing rooms at the Wembley stadium, and both of them have a unique interior. Moreover, both of them are very spacious and are also pretty cool.


The changing rooms have multiple hangers on which the players` clothes hang, giving you the feeling of excitement that one usually gets before a match.


Posters and architecture


There are multiple posters and branded architectural designs on most of the walls at the stadium, which take you back to the historical moments of multiple football games and make you want to go back in time and commemorate those moments.


The logos and designs on the stadium walls also portray different football leagues, especially Manchester United.


Lioness and three lion bars


These are the on-site bars where football spectators can enjoy drinks and savour the moments of the games.


The amazing thing about the Lioness bar is that in the middle of it, there is a showcase of the replicas of shields and trophies of the world cups of different years.


Moreover, it also has different showcases highlighting the memories of different events, including the memorabilia of the NFL as well as the concerts of some prominent singers.


Gift shop


The gift shop at Wembley stadium is great for getting souvenirs related to football.


You can get various items, including football tees, balls, posters, magazines, and badges, from the gift shop. All of the items available over there are made of good quality.


Conference room


The best place to visit on a tour of Wembley stadium has to be the conference room, the place where a question-answer session takes place after the game.


You can even snap pictures at the stage and save them as a memory of yourself or can record them in the Wembley photo book.


Where to get tickets for the Wembley stadium tour?


Wembley stadium tours is a website that sells tour tickets online. They have different slots and days of touring, which you can see on their website with the availability. The price range for adults and children varies and is also in an affordable range.


Moreover, the stadium tours also hire tour guides who can help you around the place and show you all the places at the stadium and have a great experience.


Wembley stadium tours offer tickets for a tour of the most famous stadium in England, which holds many memories, memorabilia, and replicas of trophies and other things from memorable football events.


You can get individual tickets or group tickets for a 90min tour across the stadium and see the various sites that the place has apart from the main ground.