Where to get your Porsche fixed from

admin  |  August 22 23

Who doesn`t look forward to upgrading their most prized possession i.e., cars?

Upgrading cars and giving them makeovers is something people enjoy and aim to do once a year. If you own a classy sports car such as Porsche, it becomes necessary to take it for servicing to make the car work more efficiently.

However, not all repair and spare part shops provide the required materials and accessories; therefore, design911 is the best place to go when looking for Porsche parts as they are pretty famous for owning every Porsche part. The car parts store has been running since 1995 in the UK and even exports its products worldwide.

The categories they have on their website and in-store include:

1.     Cleaning and caring accessories:

The category for Porsche accessories includes much different equipment and cleaning products. These products range from snow cleaning gear to leather seats and carpet cleansing equipment. You can easily find the best vacuums, shampoos, paint polish and many other items to keep your car spick and span as well as make it look brand new.

Moreover, design911 also offers 2-in-1 deals, different cleaning kits, aroma diffuser sets, etc., which are a great buy and are also easy to use.

2.     Tires and wheel accessories:

One of the great things about design 911 is that the store has proper equipment and material for every Porsche model therefore it becomes easier to shop for wheels, tires, and wheel accessories.

You can also select the tires of your preference, desired rim, diameter, and thickness on the website. Apart from this, the tires are of great quality, and the best brands, including Bridgestone, Continental, Michelin, etc., promise durability and fast motion.

3.     Engine and exhaust repair:

The website has material in stock that they recommend according to the different models of Porsche. They sell engine rebuild kits and the various tools required for the long-term working of engines, including gaskets and sets, bearings, piston rings, and connecting rods.

Another great thing about the website is that they even suggest to their customers what to do with the engines to fix them and educate the car owners about their cars.

4.     Interior accessories, multimedia, and mats:

For people who enjoy giving their cars proper makeovers, design911 has a different category of products which consist of interior decorating materials, including steering wheels, sun visors, dashboard parts, drink holders, etc.

Moreover, you can even get interior decorating suggestions or designs based on your car model and upgrade your car more professionally and brilliantly.

In addition to this, design911 also has radio sets, speakers, and amp systems for the drivers and passengers to enjoy their ride and have a good time on the road.

5.     Gearbox and hydraulics:

Gearbox and hydraulics are one of the most important parts of a car, and if anything goes wrong or is damaged, it can be risky for the driver as well as for the passengers therefore, it is better to get them checked and repaired once in a while.

To make it easier for you to get your hydraulics and gearbox repaired, design911 has a separate category, and that too consists of different tools for the car and ranging from clutch kits to gearbox oil. The best thing about all the products is that they even suggest which product is better for which model, which helps the car owners to make their buy accordingly and with much ease.

6.     Seats and seat belts:

Another essential part of a car for the safety of the passengers has to be seatbelts without which people are at a much higher risk of getting their bodies damaged. Design911 has made buying seatbelts easier with the options of front and rear seatbelts.

Moreover, they also provide comfortable seats for car racing individuals as well as seat mounting equipment.

7.     Brakes, clothing, pedal clusters:

The car parts store also has brake pedals, brake discs, and fluids to make braking easier, rapid, and smooth.

They also have a clothing and gift section in which they have car key chains, caps, and different types of gifts for Porsche enthusiasts which makes shopping from them an even better experience.

Design911, a Porsche car parts store, started as a hobby by its owner Karl Chopra and now has become a worldwide popular store for car enthusiasts. The different categories and the equipment division according to different car models make it easier for the customers to get their desired products.

Moreover, their blog posts are also a great way for customers to get educated about their cars and get them fixed accordingly.

Apart from this, their products have a reasonable price range and that too of great quality, and they also provide the services of returning the goods within 14 days in case the customers are not satisfied and want a refund.